Four Differences Between a Deodorant and an Antiperspirants

A lot of people believe that deodorants and antiperspirants are the same thing but that is mot the truth, it is not the same thing. Though both of their purpose is to make you smell good and keep you away from the bad odor but they both are different.

So, for people who do not know here are fourdifferences between deodorants and antiperspirants;

  1. Deodorants and antiperspirants, both of them work differently. Antiperspirants are powerful and they blocks and closes the pores with the help of aluminum salt, as it is strong enough to block the pores and they can’t release the sweat as well.

While on the other hand, deodorants are not the powerful that they block the pores and all, they can kill bacteria’s though. They do not interfere with sweating at all, they just kill the bacteria’s and make you smell good.

  1. Deodorants do not stop the process of sweating, while on the other hand antiperspirants do.

If you will use a deodorant you will smell good but won’t stop the process of sweating, but if you will use an antiperspirant it will make your sweat stop and will make you smell good as well.

Some people sweat more than others and that is completely normal. People who sweat more uses antiperspirants to stop their sweat, while people who sweat normal uses deodorants.

  1. Deodorants are mostly known as the natural way of smelling good while on the other hand antiperspirants is not the natural way to make yourself smell good.

To each to his own but mostly people prefer using deodorants rather than antiperspirants, they choose the natural way.

  1. A lot of people avoid using antiperspirants as people with sensitive skin can get allergic to it and it can cause harm to their skin. They can get allergic as it contains very powerful ingredients, to stop the sweating.

So, for people who have sensitive skin should go for deodorants rather than antiperspirants.

Make your own powder deodorant:

People who have highly sensitive skin and deodorants and perfumes causes them allergy then they can make their own deodorant in a powder form, which will be completely fine for them.

What you have to do is to take half cup of baking soda and half cup of cornstarch, add few drops of essential or you can also add cinnamon.

Take a glass jar and pour all the ingredients in it and blend it well. Once it is blend, sprinkle a little bit of it on a washcloth and pat on your arm pits and all, do not rinse it.

Baking soda is best, as it counteracts the smell of the sweat and it gives no allergic reactions as well.

You can keep the mixture with you all the time, especially when you are travelling as it is in a powder form.

So, these are the four differences between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. Choose the one which suits you the best and for further info visit