How does this software work? It’s specific features.


This article includes an introduction to “Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software” that helps you keep your child on track. What you need to do is the only log into our site from any of the web browser.



Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software has few features:

GPS tracking

Tracking the location is one of the important features. Teenagers usually lie with their parents and tell them the wrong location if their parents advise them not to go there. Partners sometimes, in fact, several times mention the wrong location to their wives. This is how you’ll get to know either they are on their way where they are destined to go.

Photo Monitoring

Our current generation wants to look cool and charming. To look different they sometimes take pictures and post them on face book and Instagram. They think that it’s cool but they don’t know its consequences that it can be used against them.


Gmail and You tube Monitoring

There are a lot of videos that spark curiosity among your child and they are lured towards it. They may visit such sites to come out of their curiosity. Send or receive emails that contain inappropriate characters. Monitor your child’s phone via Mobile SPY Smart Phone Monitoring Software to review the website visited.

Messenger Logs

The biggest fear of today’s parents is technology because of exposing their children to new technologies. Kids and teenagers are inexperienced and sometimes they use sexual terms in their messages that might put them in trouble. Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software lets you review them even if the messages are deleted.

Contacts and Notes Monitoring

You might witness few unwanted contacts on your child’s phone. You can remove them from their cell easily

Web history

Visit the URL most often visited.

Application Blocking

They might be using any app that isn’t allowed to them, can be blocked easily.

SMS/MMS Commands

This generation considers itself very smart but still they are inexperienced and they don’t know that curiosity can put them in a serious trouble. Sending nude pictures is a fun nowadays but they don’t know that it can be used against them. Most probably people use them in the process of cyber bullying. Monitor their messages to get notified.

Live Control Panel

The option only this software is offering. You can monitor your child’s location live via login doesn’t matter wherever you are. You can also get the live screenshot of the phone being monitor. But this is a premium option.


Disillusioned teenagers! Not a good news for children but is helpful for them, keep them on the track and make their parents feel safe and sound. Helps you to tackle your child and gives you every information concerning the targeted person mobile usage. Moreover “Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software” won’t let you down in any situation because the other person cannot be further notified that they are being monitored. It is accessible anywhere at any place, here is website link