Would you rather Be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?

Laughing is a therapy and making others laugh is also a one. So, one can say that being funny is therapeutic? Right?. Yes, it is. I always prefer funny people because they have therapy in their tone, they are just too good that even their normal habit brings a pleasant smile on a depressed face. They can turn an unpleasant situation into a pleasant one. So, I would rather be the funniest person, and would you rather questions??

There is 2 type of people who are generally admired by everyone. Because they add something to your gathering. One who is intelligent like they hold the ability to be perfect either towards some specific area. That is according to gardener intelligence types few are good musicians where few are naturally intelligent and etc. Intelligence is also when you know which strategies should be used in the different situation and how problems could be solved and for this, they are found to be the smarter ones and are loved by people anyway. On the other hand are the ones who are funny and they make everyone laugh with a pun. But remember being funny doesn’t mean to have a good sense of humor but funny people unintentional make others laugh and for this ability, they’re loved by everyone.

But I personally prefer to be the funniest one. Because being funny I feel like I’ve been an attraction towards others. I can see a smile on their face because of me. It breezes others even if they are in their toughest period of life. I always wish to make others laugh even for this I have to laugh at my oneself.

Here I would like to put a quote that is suiting the situation:

Lucky is the man who can laugh at himself for he shall never cease to be amused”

In short and crisp I’d say that if your unintentional nature can put a smile on some depressed face then you’re definitely among the best ones. So, Would you rather…I’d say…

I’d rather prefer to be funny than to be intelligent because intelligent people cannot bring a smile on a depressed face but funny people can bring a flow a conversation that is creative and entertaining for others. Funny people are the smartest ones if they can laugh at themselves to make others laugh that is obvious they are smart therefore they’re thinking this way. They are exceptionally valuable in their conversation.  When I’m in conversation with any one usually people express admiration.  They create a flow and happiness in unpleasant and uncomfortable situations. They lighten up the situation. It has a positive connotation.

In my class, I always remain among the funniest ones but probably also the smartest one as well.

Smartly handle the situation, they bring people in the lighter mood and for this, they are loved by everyone for bringing comfort in every situation.

But perhaps I’d say that every situation demands different character or personality in every situation. You cannot remain funny on a funeral. So sometimes life takes you to a turning point and you’ve to act accordingly but I’d rather be funny than intelligent.