Xbox one cooling fan: Is it worth buying?  

Getting heated is one issue with electronics and is considered its biggest enemy. If it is not dealt away at the very start, it can certainly affect the performance of your gadgets. Microsoft’s famous gaming console Xbox is one of the most used consoles throughout the globe. The consumers of Xbox have always been found complaining about the heating issue despite havingcooling fan inside it. Nyko has recently released itsexternal cooling fan known as “intercooler” for Xbox onethat would help in increasing the ambient temperature of the console. Buthave you ever thought to yourself, is this intercooler worth buying?

Perfect shape and Fitting ability

Nyko’s intercoolers and Antec X-1 intercoolers have a perfect shape and size that could fit Xbox. The Antec X-1 cooler fits nicely on the front of an Xbox one and has a perfect grip on its bottom because of the holding in place.It could be connected to the console with the help of USB cord that can easily be plugged into free slots. The best thing about it is that the intercoolers itself has USB slots on it and it fulfills the loss of slots. It does not require its own power source.These intercoolers are completely automatic and will turn on and off all by themselves depending on the temperature of the system. They will automatically be activated when the temperature goes above a certain threshold.

Dissipation of high amount of Heat

These intercoolers reduce the amount of heat that dissipates from Xbox one in a great quantity. It is the best way to deal with the poorly ventilated entertainment setups. The coolers take out the hot air from your Xbox and will increase ventilation inside your console. It reduces the ambient temperature of your console by pushing the hot air outside. They will help you use your entertainment device for a far longer time than normal. You will be able to find out the improvement in the performance of your console by installing it. The best thing about these fans is that it requires no additional attention after it is installed. It will remain turned on even after you turn off your console and will take away all the heat.

Loud noise

An Xbox console already has an internal fan inside it, which certainly makes a loud noise. It seems unwise to add another fan which would make loud noise itself. The external cooler makes such a noise that can easily be heard from a distance. Its noise depends on its size as it comes in different sizes. Some of the cooling fans make so much noise that there is a chance that the noise canbe heard behind the closed doors.

Make a wise choice

Everything that we came by in life has certain pros and cons same is the case with these intercoolers. Buying and not buying depends on the preferences of the consumers. Do give a thought to both its advantages and disadvantages and decide whether it’s worth buying or not.